A letter to myself

It has been more than a week since my internship has ended. This week was a time for me to reflect on the 5 months that just flashed by. In order to relive my experience, I penned down a letter to myself. Here it goes:-

Dear Anand,

I know that you are well since I am the future that awaits you.Today is and will be a special day as you foray into the audit world. I know that you are nervous yet curious,worried yet excited. Don’t worry its absolutely fine to be so.

Worry may creep into your mind as everything around waits to be explored,but you may not know how to go ahead. Fear not, you will be amazing and I am saying this because I have gone through the feedback you will receive. What is important at this point of your life is to read up and ask questions,no matter how trivial they seem. Just think of this internship as a mango, relish it completely.

Your days will swing from having a lot of work and learning to times when you will just warm the chair. But hey! These ups and downs are in every journey. You will feel low at times (everyone does) and at these times your heart will brim with questions (as it always does). Come to me with your questions. Even though I may not be answer all of them I will give you the time to figure them out.

With love,

Thy Future Self

Do let me know what you think 😊